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Zong Liu

Liu, Zong
Zong Liu
Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist
104 Price Hobgood
Undergraduate Education
B.E., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science & Technology Beijing, China, 2007
Graduate Education
M.S., Agricultural Sciences, Tennessee State University, 2010
Ph.D., Biological Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2015

Research Interests

Processing of animal waste at concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) and centralized wastewater treatment facilities. Researches emphasize on animal waste management technologies, water/air quantity assessment, organic farming systems development, and value added material production from wastewater.

Recent Publications

Liu, Z., Z. Carroll, S.C. Long, A. Roa-Espinosa, and T. Runge. Centrifuge separation effect on bacterial indicator reduction in dairy manure. Journal of Environmental Management, 2017. 191, 268-274.

Liu, Z., M. Sharara, S. Gunasekaran and T. Runge. Effects of Large-Scale Manure Treatment Processes on Pathogen Reduction, Protein Distributions and Nutrient Concentrations. Transactions ASABE, 2016. 59(2), 695-702.

Liu, Z., Z. Carroll, S.C. Long, S. Gunasekaran, and T. Runge. Use of cationic polymers to reduce pathogen levels during dairy manure separation. Journal of Environmental Management, 2016. 166, 260-266.

Liu, Z., J.S. Gonzalez, H. Wang, Gunasekaran, and T. Runge. Dairy manure protein analysis using UV-vis based on the Bradford method. Analytical Methods, 2015. 7(6), 2645-2652.

Zhang, F., Z. Pang, C. Dong, Z. Liu. Preparing cationic cotton linter cellulose with high substitution degree by ultrasonic treatment. Carbohydrate polymers, 2015. 132, 214-220.

Plummer, J., S.C. Long, Z. Liu, and A. Charest. Torque Teno Virus Occurrence and Relationship to Bacterial and Viral Indicators in Feces, Wastewaters and Waters in the United States. Environmental Engineering Science, 2014. 31(12), 671-680.