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Maria King

King, Maria
Maria King
Assistant Professor, Director of CAAQES
301C Scoates Hall
Undergraduate Education
B.S., Budapest University of Technology, Biological Engineering, 1979
Graduate Education
M.S., Budapest University of Technology, Biochemistry and Food Technology, Engineering, 1985
Ph.D., Academy of Sciences, Berlin; Budapest University of Technology, Biotechnology/Chemistry, 1986
2015 – “Appreciation of Dedicated Service” Award, Texas A&M University
2013-2014 – “Professor of the Year” Teaching Excellence Award, Texas A&M University

Research Interests

Dynamic sampling of bioaerosols with the wetted wall cyclone, air flow model based pathogen tracking, collector-detector development for M. tuberculosis in exhaled breath, continuous monitoring of airborne nanoparticles, droplet distribution and microbiome, antimicrobial resistance, biofouling, TAMUMAP and “Barcode of Life” campus collaborative for sustainability, odor-based sensing of bacteria, Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) biosampler; virtual impactor nozzle design.

Recent Publications

  1. Li, R., Goswami, U., King, M.D., Chen, J., Cesario, T. and P.M. Rentzepis. (2018). In-situ detection of live/dead bacteria: A synchronous fluorescence, PCA study. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), in press
  2. Estrada-Perez, C.E., Kinney, K.A., Maestre, J.P., Hassan, Y.A. and M.D. King. (2018). Droplet Distribution and Airborne Bacteria in an Experimental Shower Unit. Water Research, 130: 47-57.
  3. Hoisington, A., Maestre, J.P., King, M.D., Siegel, J.A. and K.A. Kinney. (2014). Characterizing the Indoor Microbiome with Pyrosequencing: Impact of Sampler Selection. Building & Environment, 80: 1-9.
  4. Meng, F., King, M.D., Hassan, Y.A. and V.M. Ugaz. (2014). Rapid Quantification of Airborne Environmental Nanoparticles in Room-sized Spaces. Environmental Science: Nano, 1: 358-366.