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Anish Jantrania

Jantrania, Anish
Anish Jantrania
Associate Professor & Extension Specialist
Undergraduate Education
B.E., University of Udaipur, Agricultural Engineering, 1982
Graduate Education
M.S., Ohio State University, Agricultural Engineering, 1985
Ph.D., Clemson University, Agricultural Engineering, 1989
M.B.A., West Virginia University, College of Business & Economics, 1994

Research Objective

Evaluate and demonstrate cost-effective and sustainable water infrastructure options.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable and integrated water infrastructure;
  • Wastewater treatment and reuse;
  • Desalination – groundwater and seawater;
  • Cost analysis, pricing, and water economics;
  • Regulatory framework for water quality and supply.

Noteworthy Undertakings

  • Developed and field tested a subsurface effluent dispersal system that would operate in heavy clay soil exhibiting shrink-swell characteristics;
  • Completed a number of decentralized wastewater system projects specifically designed to benefit low-moderate income families in Virginia;
  • Co-authored a text book on advanced onsite wastewater systems technologies;
  • Managed multi-year state funded research program in Virginia specifically designed to develop regulatory standards for onsite wastewater systems;
  • Participated and lead efforts to revise state regulations for onsite systems in Virginia;
  • Offered technical guidance and supervision to City of Gloucester, Massachusetts on design and construction of onsite systems and small diameter pressure sewer;
  • Managed the first National Onsite Demonstration Project (NODP) funded by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency designed to test efficacy of advanced onsite treatment systems;
  • Developed and delivered numerous presentations related to onsite/decentralized wastewater infrastructure at the national, regional, state, and local level events.