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Elena Castell-Perez

Castell-Perez, Elena
Elena Castell-Perez
311 Scoates Hall
Undergraduate Education
B.S., Campinas State University, Food Engineering, 1980
Graduate Education
M.S., Michigan State University, Agricultural Engineering, 1984
Ph.D., Michigan State University, Agricultural Engineering, 1990
2014-2015 William Keeler Faculty Fellow, College of Engineering | Spring 2015
2015 IFT Food Engineering Division Outstanding Service Award
2017 BAEN Professor of the Year
2019 IFT Fellow

Research Interests

Characterization of food and biological materials, food rheology, food safety technologies including irradiation and active packaging, AI-driven methods to improve food safety.

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Recent Publications


Tong, Z., Moreira, R.G. and Castell-Perez, M.E. 2018.  Effect of vacuum impregnation on quality of fresh and electron-beam irradiated highbush blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) under refrigerated storage. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. Accepted April 23, 2018. In press.

Joshi, B., Omac, B., Moreira, R.G., and Castell-Perez, M.E. 2018. A process to decontaminate sliced fresh cucumber (Cucumis sativus) using electron beam irradiation. LWT-Food Science and Technology 91, 95-101.

Omac, B., Moreira, R.G. and Castell-Perez, M.E. 2018. Quantifying growth of cold-adapted Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria innocua  on fresh spinach leaves at refrigeration temperatures. Journal of Food Engineering 224, 17-26. Accepted December 20 2017.


Guzel M, Moreira RG, Omac B, Castell-Perez E. 2017. Quantifying the effectiveness of washing treatments on the microbial quality of fresh cut romaine lettuce and cantaloupe. LWT-Food Science and Technology 80, 270-276. A

Omac B, Moreira RG, Puerta-Gomez AF, Castell-Perez E. 2017. Effect of intervention strategies on the risk of infection from Listeria monocytogenes due to consumption of fresh baby spinach leaves: A quantitative approach. LWT-Food Science and Technology 80: 208-220.

Edwards, K., Faulkner, W.B., Castell-Perez, E., Riaz, M. and Mack, C. 2017. Preliminary evaluation of a process for producing refined guar splits for a target guar solution viscosity. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 33(2), 1-16.

B.L. Booren, M.E. Castell-Perez, and R.K. Miller. 2017. Effect of meat enhancement solutions with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and konjac flour on texture and quality attributes of pale, soft, and exudative pork. Journal of Texture Studies, 1-12.

Puerta-Gomez, A.F. and Castell-Perez. M.E. 2017. Visual spectroscopy method to evaluate entrapment efficiency of electrostatically precipitated proteins in combination with octenyl succinic anhydrate (OSA)-modified polysaccharides. Food Hydrocolloids 63, 160-169.

Kim, J., Moreira, R.G. and Castell-Perez, M.E. 2017. Food phantoms and absorbed dose simulation. Chapter 6 in: Food Irradiation Technologies – Applications for Preservation. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK.


Girard, A., Castell-Perez, M.E., Bean, S.R. and Awika, J. 2016. Effect of condensed tannin profile on wheat flour dough rheology. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 64(39), 7348-7356.

Puerta-Gomez, A.F. and Castell-Perez, M.E. 2016. Studies on self-assembly interactions of proteins and octenyl succinic anhydrate (OSA)-modified depolymerized waxy rice starch using rheological principles.  Journal of Applied Polymer Science 133(27), July 2016.

Tuncil, Y.E., Jondiko, T., Castell-Perez, M.E., Puerta-Gomez, A.F., Awika, J.M. 2016. Small deformation rheological properties of dough are useful tool to predict the effects of modest sodium reduction on flour tortilla quality. LWT-Food Science and Technology 68, 329-333.


Tuncil Y.E., Jondiko T., Castell-Perez M.E., Puerta-Gomez, A. and Awika J.M. 2016. Small deformation rheological properties of dough are useful tool to predict the effects of modest sodium reduction on flour tortilla quality. LWT – Food Science and Technology. Accepted for publication December 17, 2015.