Biological and Agricultural Engineering Fast Track Program

The Fast Track program in Biological and Agricultural Engineering allows students interested in graduate school to get a head start on their graduate coursework by taking dual-credit courses that count both toward their undergraduate and graduate degrees.  The Fast Track is available for all of our engineering graduate degrees including our 30-hour non-thesis M.S., our 30-hour thesis-based M.S., and our 30-hour non-thesis M.E. (which also requires an internship).

Students will be allowed to take up to 6 hours (3 per semester) of graduate coursework and will receive the equivalent credit for the undergraduate course (either the stacked class equivalent or credit by exam) if they receive a B or better in the course.  This will allow the graduate course to count both toward undergraduate graduation requirements and to be reserved for graduate credit. For a 30 hr. non-thesis M.S., the remaining 24 credits could be finished as soon as one year after entering graduate school.

Students interested in Fast Track apply during their final semester of their Junior Year (the semester prior to the Senior Capstone course).

Biological and Agricultural Engineering Fast Track Handout

Requirements are:

  1. Minimum cumulative GPR of 3.3.
  2. Junior classification.
  3. Intent to pursue graduate work in BAEN.
  4. Approval of the Associate Head for Academic Programs.
  5. Identification of major professor for those students pursuing a thesis-based graduate degree.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Make an appointment to speak with Ashlea Schroeder during the student’s Junior year via Navigate to discuss options and requirements above.
  2. Complete application for the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Fast Track Program.

Once Admitted to Fast Track Program:

  1. Complete Petition for Undergraduate Student to Enroll in Graduate Course
  2. Enroll in one graduate course each semester during the student’s senior year.
  3. Apply to the Texas A&M University Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering graduate program.  For details on graduate school application and requirements click here or contact Ashlea Schroeder,

Fast Track Course Options:

BAEN 414/614 – Renewable Energy Conversions

BAEN 417/617 – Fundamentals of Nanoscale Biological Engineering

BAEN 422/622 – Unit Operations in Food Processing

BAEN 427/627 – Engineering Aspects of Packaging

BAEN 431/631 – Fundamentals of Bioseparations

BAEN 465/665 – Design of Biological Waste Treatment Systems

BAEN 469/669 – Water Quality Engineering

BAEN 460/672 – Principles of Environmental Hydrology

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