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Salvatore Calabrese

Calabrese, Salvatore
Salvatore Calabrese
Assistant Professor
302B Scoates Hall
Undergraduate Education
B.S., University of Palermo (Italy), Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2012
Graduate Education
M.S., University of Palermo (Italy), Environmental Engineering, 2014
Ph.D., Princeton University (USA), Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2019

Research Interests

Our research aims at quantifying the interaction between the hydrologic cycle and the physical and biochemical processes in the soil and throughout the Critical Zone, with an emphasis on the role of hydro-climatic fluctuations. By improving our understanding of the complex dynamics of the water and nutrient cycles, we seek to develop quantitative tools that help us preserve soil ecosystem services, such as soil and plant carbon storage, and prevent our ecosystems from degrading.

To tackle such fundamental questions on these rather complex biotic/abiotic interactions and shed light on their dominant dynamics, we borrow tools from fluid mechanics, dynamical system theory, stochastic processes and thermodynamics to use in conjunction with experimental observations.

Specific research projects include modeling soil moisture dynamics and its control on biogeochemical cycle across climatic gradients, identification of long terms hydro-climatic drivers of chemical weathering, estimation of long term hydrologic and energy partitioning, quantification of soil formation processes, and modeling the effect of water management strategies.

Selected Publications

Calabrese, Salvatore, and Amilcare Porporato. “Impact of ecohydrological fluctuations on iron-redox cycling.” Soil Biology and Biochemistry 133 (2019): 188-195.

Daly, E., Calabrese, S., Yin, J., & Porporato, A. (2019). Linking parametric and water-balance models of the Budyko and Turc spaces. Advances in Water Resources, 103435.

Yin, J., Calabrese, S., Daly, E., & Porporato, A. (2019). The energy side of Budyko: Surface‐energy partitioning from hydrological observations. Geophysical Research Letters, 46, 7456– 7463.

Calabrese, Salvatore, et al. “The Formation of Clay‐Enriched Horizons by Lessivage.” Geophysical Research Letters 45.15 (2018): 7588-7595.

Calabrese, Salvatore, et al. “Hydrologic transport of dissolved inorganic carbon and its control on chemical weathering.” Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 122.10 (2017): 2016-2032.

Calabrese, Salvatore, and Amilcare Porporato. “Linking age, survival, and transit time distributions.” Water Resources Research 51.10 (2015): 8316-8330.