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Alex Thomasson

Thomasson, Alex
Alex Thomasson
Professor and Cotton Chair
207E Scoates Hall
(979) 458-3598
Undergraduate Education
B.S., Texas Tech University, Agricultural Engineering, 1987
Graduate Education
M.S., Louisiana State University, Agricultural Engineering, 1989
Ph.D., University of Kentucky, Agricultural Engineering, 1997

Research Interests

Cotton engineering, precision agriculture, remote sensing, sensor development, bioenergy, identity preservation.


Recent Publications

  1. Ge, Y., J. A. Thomasson, and R. Sui.  2012.  Wireless-and-GPS system for cotton fiber quality mapping.  Precision Agric. 13:90-103.
  2. Liang, K., J. A. Thomasson, K.-M. Lee, M. Shen, Y. Ge, and T. Herrman.  2012.  Printing Data Matrix Code on Food-Grade Tracers for Grain Traceability.  Biosystems Engineering 113(4): 395–401.
  3. Sui, R., J. A. Thomasson, and Y. Ge.  2012.  Development of sensor systems for precision agriculture in cotton.  Int. J. Agric. & Biol. Eng. 5(4): 1-14.
  4. Liang, , K., J. A. Thomasson, M. X. Shen, P. R. Armstrong, Y. Ge, K. M. Lee, and T. J. Herrman.  2013.  Ruggedness of 2D code printed on grain tracers for implementing a prospective grain traceability system to the bulk grain delivery system.  Food Control33(2013) 359-365.
  5. Ge, Y., J. A. Thomasson, and C. L. S. Morgan.  2014.  Mid infrared attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy for soil carbon and particle size determination.  Geoderma213:57–63.