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Patricia Smith

Smith, Patricia
Patricia Smith
Professor and Director of BAEN Undergraduate Program
303I Scoates Hall
(979) 845-3630
Undergraduate Education
B.S., Oklahoma State University, Management, 1992
Graduate Education
M.S., Oklahoma State University, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, 1996
Ph.D., North Carolina State University, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, 2000
2015 United States Department of Agriculture Food and Agriculture Sciences Excellence in Teaching Regional Award | November 2015

Research Interests

Hydrologic modeling, particularly land use and land cover effects on hydrologic processes at different temporal and spatial scales. Development of TMDLs for bacterial impairment of streams.

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Recent Publications

  1. Borel, K.E., R. Karthikeyan, P.K. Smith and R. Srinivasan.  2012.  Predicting E. Coli concentrations in surface waters using GIS.  J. of Natural and Env. Sci. 3(1)19-33.
  2. Harmel, R.D., P.K. Smith and K.W. Migliaccio.  2010.  Modifying Goodness-of-fit indicators to incorporate both measurement and model uncertainty in model calibration and validation.  Trans. ASABE 53(1): 55-63.
  3. Sahoo, D., P.K. Smith and A.V.M. Ines. 2010.  Autocalibration of HSPF for simulation of streamflow using a genetic algorithm.  Trans. ASABE 53(1): 75-86.
  4. Sahoo, D. and P.K. Smith.  2009.  Hydrologic trend detection in a rapidly urbanizing and semi-arid and coastal river basin.  J. of Hydrology. 367(2009):  217-227.
  5. Osborn, G.S., D. A. Charbonnet, P.K. Smith, M.D. Matlock. 2008.  A Chamberless Method for Determining SOD. Trans. of the ASABE. 51(3): 1123-1131.