Engineering Agriculture at Texas A&M

Engineering Agriculture at Texas A&M - The First Hundred YearsOne hundred years of existence brought a lot of people, events and actions that make up the history of our department. The transition from one instructor and a handful of students to an internationally recognized faculty includes many decisions and efforts that resulted in significant impact on Texas and beyond.

We are pleased that Henry Dethloff, a retired Texas A&M History Professor and the most prominent historian author of Texas A&M University, took the lead on writing our history. With the assistance of Steve Searcy as co-author, and the financial support of Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Engineering Agriculture at Texas A&M:  The First Hundred Years has been published by the Texas A&M Press.

You can order the book at the following web sites or visit the TAMU Press if you are on campus.

Texas A&M Press:  Use code 2A to get a 20% discount for the Hardcover version

Amazon:  Can purchase either Hardcover or Kindle versions

Barnes and Noble:  Can purchase either Hardcover or Nook versions

Following are some extracted sections available in PDF that highlight people and events of the past decades.

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