Catelyn Evans

Student Name:

Catelyn Evans

Student Hometown:

Omaha, NE

Best Aggie memory:

My favorite memories in Aggieland is anytime I was able to eat food. I will miss CJ’s BBQ, Fuego, and Lamar and Nikki’s.

Best Departmental memory:

I enjoyed the limitless supply of cottonseed I have for my research and I enjoyed the cookouts at Hobgood.


American Association of University of Women Selected Professions Fellow

Student Club Leadership:

Black Graduate Student Association Community Service Chair

NSBE Conference Planning Committee Graduate Student Conference Chair

Research Activities:

ASEBE 2019 Oral Presenter

ASABE 2019 Poster Presentation

ASABE 2020 Poster Presentation

Plans after graduation:

I will be a cultivation engineer for a start-up cannabis company in Winters, CA.


Article by Stephanie Mena

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