Water Resources

Storm Water Management

The Stormwater Management Program focuses on providing information regarding the negative effects of urbanization as a result of increased stormwater flows and volumes. The program promotes Low Impact Development (LID) practices such as rain gardens, permeable pavements, green roofs, and rainwater harvesting through lectures, workshops and demonstrations. The program also addresses stream processes, classification and restoration to reduce streambank erosion and channel incision.

For more information visit https://rainwaterharvesting.tamu.edu/stormwater-management/

Rainwater Harvesting

The Rainwater Harvesting program provides information, educational resources, conducts research, and holds training classes related to harvesting rainwater for homeowners and professionals. Efficient water use is increasingly important to Texas. With the state’s growing population and limited supply of both groundwater and surface water, Texans must use water wisely. Rainwater harvesting is an innovative approach anyone can use. Rainwater harvesting can also be used as a means to manage storm water.

For more information visit http://rainwaterharvesting.tamu.edu

On Site Waste Water Treatment and Reuse

The Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Program provides information and training programs on the technologies available for managing wastewater so that homeowners and professionals can make informed decisions when selecting, operating, and maintaining their onsite wastewater treatment systems.

For more information visit: http://ossf.tamu.edu

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