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BAEN Newsletter – February 2011

Howdy! This issue of the BAEN newsletter highlights several international activities led by our faculty and students. This is just another indicator that BAEN is making a difference worldwide. Read about South Africa’s interest in irradiation treatment of mangoes, the Mexico exchange program, and why we had visitors from India and Brazil. This issue also tells you about the outstanding work done by BAEN faculty, both from the teaching and research standpoint. As usual, our students are making the news and continue being an essential component of the BAEN family. Many have graduated and gone to pursue… Read More →

BAEN Newsletter – October 2010

Howdy! This will be the last issue of the BAEN newsletter for 2010. In this issue, you will find out many exciting things that faculty, students and staff have been doing for these past few months. Students clubs have been organizing fundraisers and we are proud of the fact that they keep getting awards at section meetings. Our faculty keeps active both at the national and international arenas, obtaining extramural funds to support their research and publishing their work in reputed journals. Extension faculty and staff are doing a tremendous job with training programs in irrigation…. Read More →

BAEN Newsletter – July 2010

It has been a while since our last newsletter issue! This does not mean that we have not been busy here at BAEN; on the contrary, this issue showcases many of the accomplishments and activities of BAEN faculty, students and staff. Although summer is already half gone, the heat of Texas still welcomes new visitors to our campus. Our faculty hosted several international peers and some of our own are spending the summer months overseas. As always, we are proud of the BAEN family and what they do for the State of Texas and the… Read More →