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BAEN Celebrates its Centennial

On July 6, 1915, the Agricultural Engineering Department was established as an autonomous department within the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.  Agricultural Engineering related courses had been taught under the Agronomy and Civil Engineering Departments for several years, but in 1915, the discipline was recognized as distinct and worthy to be a separate department. Agricultural Engineering began with just one faculty member, Elmer Gee; today, 100 years later, the department has 37 faculty members, 310 undergraduate and 100 graduate students, extensive research projects, and contributes to a variety of… Read More →

Centennial Lecture Series – Dr. John Reid

Dr. John F. Reid of John Deere spoke to a packed audience in Scoates Hall for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Centennial Lecture Series. Robotics and Automation Technology to Drive Future Agricultural Systems Productivity Technology Innovation has significantly driven agricultural systems productivity over the last hundred years, primarily through agricultural mechanization. Despite great successes, the next generations will need to achieve significantly greater increases in agricultural systems productivity to meet the global food demand to feed 9 billion people in 2050. Technologies have been implemented over… Read More →