Undergraduate Advising Updates as of March 19, 2020

UPDATE: 3.19.2020, 10:40am – ALL advising for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester is to be conducted at a distance, no in-person interactions.  For questions contact your main academic advisor.

Due to the current environment surrounding COVID-19 and University instructions on limiting face-to-face interactions between individuals the following changes have been made to the departmental spring 2020 pre-registration advising format.

  1. The requirement to be advised has not changed and a hold has been placed on your student account.
  2. This semester (spring 2020) there is NO pre-registration faculty advising.
  3. All pre-registration advising will be handled by Ashlea Schroeder, aschroeder@tamu.edu.
  4. All advising (pre-registration and otherwise) has moved to an electronic/on-line format via Zoom.

How to make an advising appointment:

  1. Visit Howdy
  2. Go to My Record tab
  3. Click Navigate – Schedule Advising Appointments
  4. Select Get Assistance
  5. Select Type Appt. – Advising Texas A&M University
  6. Select College/Reason
    1. AG – Agriculture and Life Sciences Undergraduate Advising
    2. EN – Engineering Academic Advising
  7. Choose reason for Appointment
    1. AG – General Advising, Pre-registration, Q-drop, etc
    2. EN – General Advising, Course Scheduling, ETAM, etc
  8. Choose Location by major – AGSM/BAEN – Scoates Hall (SCTS) Room 303H
  9. Choose Appointment Day & Time and Review Appointment Details
  10. Don’t forget to click Confirm Appointment
  11. Once complete Ashlea will send you details on your Zoom appointment.

When you login for your appointment:

  1. Make sure you have your most up to date degree planner complete in the system.
  2. Be on time.

Questions? Email Ashlea Schroeder, aschroeder@tamu.edu.

Download Zoom here.

View Zoom tutorials here.

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