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The university has a new change of curriculum guideline for students at Texas A&M, as such, this page is under construction.

Agricultural Systems Management is a degree offering of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAEN). The focus of the Bachelor of Science in AGSM is on the management and operation of the technical systems employed throughout the agriculture/food industry. The production and processing of food and fiber products for society is a highly technical industry, and requires employees knowledgeable about databases, geographic information systems, process controllers, preventative maintenance systems, project management software plus business topics such as accounting, marketing, management and economics. The AGSM degree is compatible with the Business minor, as 15 of the required 18 hours meet AGSM degree requirements, and the remaining three hours can be taken as a technical elective.

The type of students who have success in AGSM are those who are interested in problem solving and can apply business, mathematical and scientific principles to the problems faced by industry. Employment opportunities for AGSM graduates are highly varied. While the subject matter covered in our courses is focused on technical systems in the agricultural and food industries, graduates have been successful in applying those same principles for a wide range of employers, including construction companies, banks and insurance companies. Our students are in high demand by employers, and consistently receive average starting salaries near the top of all majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

I’m an Aggie and want to change majors to AGSM

A large portion of the students in AGSM come to us through a change of major.  Each student who desires to be an AGSM major is evaluated individually based upon their academic transcript.  The desired GPR for major changes is 2.5 or better, but each student’s situation is evaluated individually.  Our experience has been that many students find the AGSM courses to be stimulating and challenging, and that their academic performance improves after becoming an AGSM major.  Our courses are rigorous because of the need to apply mathematics and science, but they also provide students with a direct, clear application of the subject matter to industry.

The first step is to visit with Ashlea Schroeder, BAEN academic advisor (contact info below).  She will examine your transcript and indicate how the courses you have taken will convert into the requirements of the AGSM degree plan.  She will also show you how long it will take for you to complete the sequence of AGSM courses and your projected graduation date.  If you decide to pursue a change of major to AGSM, you will need to submit an application through the new university change of curriculum process (  If accepted, your major will automatically be changed in Howdy.

I want to transfer to Texas A&M and major in AGSM

Students wishing to transfer to the AGSM major from other institutions are urged to contact Ashlea Schroeder, BAEN academic advisor, as early as possible in your academic career.  She can help you select courses that will both meet the AGSM degree requirements, and will facilitate our evaluation of your academic record at the time of your transfer application.

Your transcript will be evaluated by examining both the grade point ratio and the courses taken.  Expected performance is a 2.75 or better with math, science and business courses on the transcript. Each student is evaluated individually.

Specifically, we want to see the majority of the following courses completed, with C’s or better:

  • MATH 140
  • MATH 142
  • CHEM 119
  • PHYS 201
  • ACCT 209 (ACCT 229)
  • ECON 202

More information can be found at

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Academic Advisor for Undergraduates and Graduates
Ashlea Schroeder
303H Scoates Hall
Phone: (979) 845-0609

Director of AGSM Undergraduate Program
Russell McGee
303F Scoates Hall
Phone:  (979) 845-3659

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