The Capstone Event in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department displays the work that has been done by seniors in their senior design courses. Students of the Agricultural Systems Management and Biological and Agricultural Engineering majors have worked with clients to solve real, agriculturally related, world issues.

Capstone 2020 – BAEN

Rural Garden in a Food Desert
Design of large intensive garden in South Texas

Members: Ana Chen Reyes, Jacy Gray, Madison Hodges
Links: Presentation | Poster

Design and Testing of Hospital Ventilation System Using Bioaerosols
Improved hospital room HVAC system comparing environmental triggers to development of ARGs in surrogate disease organisms moving with air in hospital rooms.

Members: Vedanta Dasu, Connor Purcell, Garret Shaw
Links: Presentation | Poster

5.0 MGD Expansion to Serve Capstone Wastewater Treatment Plant
Central Texas Water Reclamation Plant

Members: Claire Barber, Joshua Ince, Christopher Todd
Links: Presentation | Poster

Clean Ballast Water
Ship ballast water treatment design

Members: Ariana Arredondo, Martha Priestley, Alexander Williams
Links: Presentation | Poster

Water Conveyance and Distribution System Las Mesitas, Nicaragua
Las Mesitas, Nicaragua

Members: Abigail Ayers, Bryce Florence, Bryanna Lawrence, Reagan Rucker
Links: Presentation | Poster

Natural Wastewater Treatment in Cuenca, Ecuador
Natural disinfection of effluents from small wastewater treatment systems using media filters in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Members: Riley Dunn, Jessica Li, Lindsey Pressler
Links: Presentation | Poster

On Site Sewage Facility – JTP Water Solutions
Design and data collection from onsite wastewater system.

Members: Tatiana Baig, Paige Fergeson, Jordan Taylor
Links: Presentation | Poster

STAR Water-Energy-Crop Analysis for Optimal Land Management & Irrigation
Water-Energy-Crop analysis of optimal land management & irrigation Huisache Pasture (Aguilares, TX)

Members:Jackson Greer, Khelsea Herrick, Robert Swanson
Links: Presentation | Poster

Bryan Water Initiative
Bryan-College Station Waterfront Initiative #1 waterfront design for improved runoff/recreation.

Members:Paul Byorth, Hannah Looney, Satindra Saravanan
Links: Presentation | Poster

College Station Waterway Initiative
Bryan-College Station Waterfront Initiative #2 waterfront design for improved runoff/recreation.

Members:William Granberry, Jessica Lara, Jehu Mendez
Links: Presentation | Poster

Pine Nut Post-Harvest Dryer for Lebanese Farms

Members:Claire Coon, John Derry, Makaila Vasconcellos
Links: Presentation | Poster

Monte Castilo Phase II Comprehensive Long-term Sustainable Infrastructure Improvements
The wastewater infrastructure is not sustainable in its current condition and even less so when considering community growth.

Members:Kendall Crawford, Alexander DeFily, Collier Schatz
Links: Presentation | Poster

Ugly Food Solutions

Members:Emily Fauver, Hallie Supak, Blake Tatsch, Humberto Trevino
Links: Presentation | Poster

Innovative Urban Stormwater BMP
Implement BMPs suited to urban environments in order to capture and treat stormwater.

Members:Mark Denn, Gabriela Ramos, Joseph Yarosz
Links: Presentation | Poster


Capstone 2015

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