Graduate Admissions

How to Apply (On-campus and Distance Education):

You will be required to submit the following in order to apply:

  1. An EngineeringCAS application *update about COVID-19*
  2. A statement of purpose
  3. Current CV/Resume
  4. Official GRE test scores
  5. Unofficial transcripts
  6. Three (3) letters of recommendations
  7. Required application fees:
    • You will be required to pay the Texas A&M University application fee.
    • You will also be required to pay the EngineeringCAS processing fee.
  8. Approved major professor

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all documents are received by EngineeringCAS by the deadline.

GRE requirement

GRE test scores are required for all international applicants. Please check with your specific department/program for exceptions to this rule that may apply.

You will need to accurately report your general GRE scores in the Academic History section of this application. If admitted, you will need to have your test scores sent directly from the Educational Testing Service to EngineeringCAS (use code 4119BEFORE you can begin classes at Texas A&M. Test scores should be from a test date within five years of the date of the application. If you took the GRE more than five years ago, your scores have expired and you will need to retake the exam.

Note: Students who have had their official GRE test scores sent to the Texas A&M Office of Admissions prior to submitting their application through EngineeringCAS WILL NOT be required to send the scores again to EngineeringCAS.

Note: Domestic student applicants are no longer required to provide GRE test scores to the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department.  If a student is applying to other departments, the student must check with that department concerning test score requirements.

UPDATE from ETS about testing postponements for GRE and TOEFL due to COVID-19

TOEFL/IELTS requirement

International applicants are required to submit official TOEFL or IELTS test scores upon application. Tests should be taken at least eight weeks prior to the appropriate application deadline to ensure a timely receipt and processing of results. We will use your highest test score from one test date.

For more information about English language proficiency requirements for international applicants click here.

Note: If an international student fulfills the English language proficiency requirement via official GRE scores the student does not need to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores to the university.

TOEFL official test scores must be sent directly from the testing center to EngineeringCAS (use code B887) to be considered official.

IELTS official test scores must be reported electronically from the testing center to Texas A&M’s Office of Admissions. To report your electronic IELTS, find this exact address in the test center database:

Office of Admissions
Texas A&M University
P.O. Box 40002
College Station, TX

Applicants are exempt from this requirement if they have a bachelor’s degree from a U.S. institution or are Residents of the countries listed at this link.

UPDATE from ETS about testing postponements for GRE and TOEFL due to COVID-19

Domestic unofficial transcripts

Upload unofficial copies of your transcripts in Quadrant 2 in Engineering CAS.

If you are admitted, you will need to provide official transcripts to the Texas A&M Office of Admission BEFORE you can register for classes.

International student unofficial transcripts

Please DO NOT order a WES Evaluation, or download an evaluation request form for this application.

We DO NOT require WES or similar evaluations.

Upload your copies of your unofficial transcript to Quadrant 4 of Engineering CAS. This is for spring 2020 applicants only. Fall 2020 applicants upload your unofficial transcripts in Quadrant 2.

If you already have an evaluation of your transcripts, you may upload it in the document section of Quadrant 4 of your program, in addition to your unofficial transcript(s).

If you are admitted, you will need to provide official transcripts (not evaluations) to the Texas A&M Office of Admissions BEFORE you can register for classes.

Letters of recommendation/evaluation

You must request three (3) recommendations/evaluations before you are able to submit your application.

Recommendation/evaluation letters are not required to be received in order for you to be allowed to submit your application within EngineeringCAS. However, applications will not be considered complete until all letters of recommendation have been received.  You can track the progress of your recommendation letter requests in EngCAS. You can also email your recommenders a reminder through EngCAS, or choose to send a request to another recommender.

When requesting recommendation/evaluation letters, please be sure to include the following information in the comment section:

  • Texas A&M University
  • List the degree and program you are applying to

Major Professor

All applicants to the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering are required to declare a major professor at the time of application.  A major professor is a faculty member within the department who will serve as your committee chair and mentor.  Applicants are encouraged to reach out to faculty members directly and to provide more information in the EngineeringCAS application/essay.  You can access a full list of our faculty here.

Leveling Requirement

For applicants who do not hold an undergraduate engineering degree, but have a strong academic background in mathematics or science, will be required to engage in a program of prerequisite leveling coursework.  The prerequisite course work required for each student is different depending on a student’s background.  If a student chooses to not engage in leveling coursework the student cannot be admitted to the graduate engineering program and the pursuit of a second baccalaureate in agricultural engineering is recommended.  Note: Leveling coursework can add an additional 2-3 years to a graduate level program.

For more details on leveling please contact the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Graduate Program Academic Advisor.

Ashlea Schroeder
Phone: (979) 845-0609
Hours: Monday-Friday; 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (CST)

Additional Tips

The College of Engineering will cover the cost of the EngineeringCAS Processing Fee ($58) for all domestic applicants.  To receive your coupon code, please contact the graduate program academic advisor in the department to which you are applying.

While the TAMU application system and EngineeringCAS may state your file as complete there are several internal procedures that must be completed before your file will be considered complete and ready for graduate committee review.  Please be patient during this process as it can take several weeks.

Please note that when you click on the application link below, you will be leaving and be directed to the EngineeringCAS site built for applying to the Texas A&M College of Engineering’s graduate programs.

All applications are reviewed by the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Graduate Program Committee.

Distance Education

For students pursuing distance education, please select the distance education application within the EngineeringCAS portal.

Application Deadlines

Spring International Applications – November 1st

Spring Domestic Applications – December 1st

Fall International Applications – July 1st

Fall Domestic Applications – July 15th

Summer International Applications – April 1st

Summer Domestic Applications – May 1st

Click Here to Apply

Note: Please be sure to select Texas A&M

For assistance with the application portal, please contact:

Phone: 857-304-2048
Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Eastern time)


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