Distance Education

Earn your graduate degree or continue your education with the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering online/distance education graduate programs and courses. These courses offer you the flexibility to continue to be a working professional and take on the challenge of earning an advanced degree that is an asset to your career.

Our distance education program allows you to:

  • Pursue a graduate degree in engineering at home or while working full-time
  • Build your educational/professional credentials without interrupting your career or relocating to the Bryan-College Station area
  • Earn a degree from a nationally and internationally recognized university

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering offers two options for students to continue their education online

  1. A Masters of Engineering degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering via distance education (degree-seeking students)
    1. Food Engineering Emphasis
    2. Renewable Energy Emphasis
  2. A Masters of Science degree in Agricultural Systems Management via distance education (degree-seeking students)
    1. Food Technology Emphasis

How to Apply

Applying to the distance program for the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering program follows the same process as the general application process for on campus students.  Please refer to the BAEN Graduate Informational Letter and the AGSM Graduate Informational Letter for details on requirements and deadlines.

How to Succeed Online

If you have never taken an online/distance education course, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for the semester and ensure a good educational experience. Students are encouraged to:

Have a reliable computer/device and Internet connection
Online/distance education courses will be delivered thru eCampus (Blackboard Learn). Courses will include a variety of videos, drawings, readings and animations. Students’ grades will come from a variety of assignments, discussion forums, quizzes/exams and projects that will be posted in eCampus. It is vital that students have a computer and a reliable Internet connection during the semester.  If you experience technical difficulty during the semester, contact Help Desk Central at 979-845-7200.

Keep in contact with the course instructor
Instructors within the department are as dedicated to their distance education students as they are to their on-campus students. Interacting with your instructor early and often via email, discussion forums and/or Blackboard Collaborate (web-conferencing platform within eCampus) can make sure they understand any additional course-related needs and are fully aware of progression through the course.

Be consistent with your workspace and studying habits
While online/distance education courses and degree programs are convenient, it can be hard to study from anywhere. We recommend that distance education students establish a regular studying space that allows you to focus on learning and studying. This can help you avoid unwarranted distractions and focus on the task at hand. In addition to determining a study space, we also recommend setting regularly occurring studying blocks. By building this into your schedule, you can ensure that you have built in time to complete all course readings, activities and assignments.

Plan your work, life and school schedules early
It can be hard to balance work, life and school. Planning and scheduling major events including travel, family events, and class deadlines can help you determine when you can complete time-consuming tasks in advance. All course syllabi include a schedule for the semester. If there are any scheduling conflicts during a semester, students are encouraged to contact the professor early to determine if alternate arrangements can be made.

Bookmark your Texas A&M University websites
After enrolling at Texas A&M, you will create a NetID and password which will be used to login to several Texas A&M websites. The department recommends that students bookmark the following sites:

  • eCampus – the course management system (Blackboard Learn) that will be used to access all online/distance education websites.
  • Howdy – the Texas A&M student portal that is used to register for classes, check final course grades, Texas A&M email, and access all Texas A&M student services.
  • Office of Graduate & Professional Studies – On the Office of Graduate & Professional Studies website students can find information pertaining to graduate life, graduate student forms required to be submitted, and professional development opportunities for graduate students.

Ask us questions
Faculty and staff from the department are here to provide you with the support and information you need to be a successful student and graduate with an advanced degree. Whether it’s a question prior to enrolling or while you are working on your studies, we are here to help and support you during this exciting time in your life.

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