Computer Labs

The department provides three computer labs in Scoates Hall and one in Price Hobgood for undergraduate and graduate students. Please contact CoALS IT ( | 979.803.1375) for access to these labs.

  • Scoates Hall 213 (15 Seats)
  • Scoates Hall 214 (30 Seats)
  • Scoates Hall 318 (12 Seats)
  • Price Hobgood 118 (12 Seats)

Remote Lab Access

Step 1. Connect to VPN
You must connect to the Texas A&M VPN if off-campus before you will be able to gain access to a lab computer.

Step 2. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop on your device

Microsoft Remote Desktop is included with Windows 10 Pro. No additional software is required. Windows 10 Home users will need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store.

Step 3. Connect to lab computer

BAEN Remote Lab Access

  1. Select an available computer using the link above.
  2. Click the Connect button. A connect window will pop-up. Click the Download button.
  3. Open the file that was downloaded. You may be prompted with a security warning. Click Continue.
  4. When asked for credentials,  click more choices, and then click Use a different account. (You will not need to click more choices on Mac)
  5. In the user name field, type AUTH\ followed by your NetID (Example: AUTH\aggie123), and then type your password in the next field.
  6. You will be prompted with another security warning. Click Yes. (Continue on Mac).
  7. Accept the connection request from Duo two-factor authentication.
  8. Please sign-out when finished so that others are able to use the computer.

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