Night at the Zach – 2023

Photos: Clockwise starting from the top – (1) Joshua Segura, BAEN Extension Assistant,  in the BAEN-Extension booth,  (2) Sophomore BAEN student Luke Bludau, Senior BAEN student Vanessa Sanchez, Dr. Rosana G. Moreira BAEN Professor at the BAEN booth; (3) David Smith, BAEN Extension Program Specialist II, and his team at the Texas A&M AgriLife – Texas 4-H & youth water education booth; (4) Dr. Elena Castell-Perez, BAEN Associate Dept. Head, talking to guests about BAEN; (5) Luke Bludau making ‘merengue’ with liquid nitrogen and whipped cream; (6) Mauricio Martinon, BAEN graduate student, talking about ‘weird’ fluids.

BAEN participated in the COE event “Night at the ZACH”, a Friday night extravaganza for anyone attending Texas Science and Engineering Fair. The College of Engineering opened the doors to the Zachry Engineering Education Complex March 24, 2023, from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., and guests experienced fun-filled activities, building tours, and more.

The Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department showcased the main areas of expertise with unique hands-on activities designed to get students pumped about engineering and science. The BAEN activities included (1) a non-Newtonian fluid to demonstrate the characteristics of a complex fluid under high and low stresses; use of liquid nitrogen to make interesting food products like ice-cream merengue and peanut butter-jelly lollipop; (2) David Smith and his team had an interactive game activity about  water management and hydrological sciences; (3) Joshua Segura had a display on-site sewage facility. Our booths were very successful, especially the weird fluid hands-on activities and the innovative food products. Many  people approached all of our booths asking about our major, what type of jobs our graduates  get and the impact of BAENs in solving global challenges.

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