2022 Texas A&M AgriLife Research Senior Faculty Fellow

Photo: From left, were: Yuxiang Sun, Ph.D.; Betty Cotton; Marco Palma, Ph.D.; Bhimu Patil, Ph.D.; G. Cliff Lamb, Ph.D.; Binayak Mohanty, Ph.D.; Kranthi Mandadi, Ph.D.; Nichole Cherry. Not shown: Johnny Bible and Joshuah Perkin. (Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Michael Miller)

Congratulations to Dr. Binayak Mohanty as he was named a 2022 Texas A&M AgriLife Research Senior Faculty Fellow during the @txresearch Director’s Awards. Read more about Dr. Mohanty and why he was selected to be a Senior Faculty Fellow #AgriLifeResearch.

Binayak Mohanty

Mohanty is a global pioneer in the framework for scaling up soil hydrologic processes, providing a bridge across spatial and temporal scales. His work reflects futuristic scientific concepts and holistic efforts that have steadily shaped multi-scale soil hydrologic science.

Innovative lab experiments, comprehensive field monitoring, advanced process modeling, novel data analyses and cutting-edge remote sensing are hallmarks of Mohanty’s extensive contributions. Those include 138 premier journal papers, 40 book chapters and proceedings, 255 abstracts and 419 national and international presentations.

Among numerous accolades, Mohanty is also a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Soil Science Society of America, Agronomy Society of America, AgriLife Research and the Texas A&M Department of Engineering.

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