Varun Gejji Awarded Distinguished Graduate Student

Varun Gejji, Ph.D. Candidate at Texas A&M University in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, has received one of the prestigious 2019 Association of Former Students Distinguished Graduate Student Awards.

His research focuses on developing a new lipid, and protein extraction technique form microalgae that will reduce the stress on traditional resource-intensive down-stream unit operations. He already has a patent application (pending), three peer-reviewed articles published, and several articles under review. Additionally, he has been working on simulation-based anti-viral drug screening and his work on finding new small molecule drugs for inhibiting tick-borne encephalitis virus have shown promising results and will certainly help curb spread deadly viral infection.

Varun is very passionate about teaching and mentoring undergraduate students. He has served as a teaching assistant in the department and has also mentored three Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) students. He has also served as the President of the department’s Graduate Student Association

For his work ethics, character, service, and integrity, Varun has been awarded the Robert E. Stewart Excellence Award by the department and Liz Gillis Scholarship by the Kellogg Company.

Upon graduation, Varun plans to pursue his career in academia.

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