2019 Annual Departmental Scholarship and Awards Banquet

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering had its Annual Departmental Scholarship and Awards Banquet on Saturday, April 13 at Philips Event Center. The banquet highlights summer study abroad scholarship recipients and 2019-2020 scholarship recipients.

Special congratulations to Dr. Maria King for receiving the student chosen ASABE Professor of the Year Award.

(left to right) Dr. Stephen Searcy, Stephen King, Dr. Maria King, Nancy Searcy and Dr. Robert Hardin IV


National Cotton Ginner’s Association Peary Wilemon Scholarship

  • Hao Ju
  • Jianing He
  • Tianyi Wang

William H. Aldred Endowed Scholarship in Agricultural Engineering

  • Donovan Davis
  • Meiyi Zhang

Rita and Dannie O. Burk ’68 Endowed Scholarship

  • Jordan Taylor

Ada and Louis Calvert Family Memorial Scholarship

  • Caleb Rea
  • Claire Barber

Corpus Christi Exchange Scholarship

  • Faith Gonzalez
  • Madison Hodges
  • Matthew White

Dow Aggies Endowed Scholarship Fund in Agriculture

  •  Randall Navarro
  • John Derry
  • Caleb Byorth

Dr. Brock Faulkner ’04 Memorial Scholarship

  • Alec MacManus
  • Boone Lane
  • Emily Fauver

George H. Follet Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship

  • Michell Grahmann

Plains Ginner’s Association Scholarship

  • Logan Sunvison
  • Parker Goebel
  • Tristan Frerich
  • Hylke Talsma

COADC Patricia and Edward Hiler Endowed Scholarship in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • AnnMarie Burns
  • Jessica Li
  • Joseph Grimm

Edward A. Hiler Endowed Scholarship

  • Carly Fronckowiak
  • Josilyn Ochoa
  • Laura Peppel

Price and Merle Hobgood Endowed Scholarship in Agricultural Engineering

  • Jacy Gray
  • Gabriela Ramos

Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Jones Scholarship in Agricultural Engineering

  • Satindra Saravanan
  • Cody Stovall

Verlin and Howard Kruse ’52 Endowed Scholarship in Biological and Agricultural Engineering 

  • Balck Tatsch

Earl M. Ladd III Memorial Scholarship

  • Joshua McDonald

PT Montford Fellowship

  • Emily Aronson
  • Abigail Ayers
  • Celeste Branstrom
  • Reagan Giesenschlag
  • Hannah Looney
  • Maired Mooney

COADC Calvin & Peggy Parnell Endowed Scholarship in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Reagan Rucker
  • Hao Ju

COADC James R. “Cobby” Reed ’50 Scholarship

  • John Duus

Robert Jr. Agricultural Endowed Scholarship

  • Humberto Trevino

Dr. Jodie Whitney ’59 General Scholarship in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Ana Chen

Hank Wiederhold Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’79 Memorial Scholarship 

  • Gabriella Rico

Lambert H. Wilke Scholarship

  • Ariana Arredondo
  • Hayden Dallmeyer
  • Galvin Rodriguez

Dr. and Mrs. Cady Engler Undergraduate Student International Experience Fund

  • Alex DeFily
  • Madison Harris
  • Garret Shaw

COALS International Programs Scholarship

  • Abigail Ayers
  • AnnMarie Burns
  • Claire Barber
  • Ana Chen
  • Riley Dunn
  • Emily Fauver
  • Madison Harris
  • Kristyn Kline
  • Jessica Li
  • Hannah Looney
  • Gabriella Rico
  • Garret Shaw
  • Cody Stovall

Price Hobgood Scholarship Award

  • Griselda Quintero

W.E. McCune Student Award

  • Randy Stark

J.W. Sorenson Student Award

  • Matthew White
  • Galvin Rodriguez

Robert E. Stewart Graduate Excellence Award

  • Amir Sedaghatdoost

Bill A. & Rita L. Stout International Graduate Student Achievement Award

  • Dhruva Kathuria
  • Kritika Kothari

Departmental Excellence Award in Teaching

  • Mr. Greg Stark
  • Dr. Douglas M. Kingman

Departmental Excellence Award in Research

  • Dr. Zong Liu
  • Dr. Yongheng Huang
  • Mr. Bassel Daher

Departmental Excellence Award in Service

  • Dr. Ronald E. Lacey

Departmental Excellence in Extension Education

  • Dr. Zong Liu
  • Mr. Ryan Gerlich

Departmental Staff Excellence Award

  • Mrs. Ashlea Schroeder
  • Mrs. Amy Martinez

Inductees to the Academy of Distinguished Graduates

Dr. Wayne LePori


Mr. John Fisher



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