Alumni Spotlight: Cale Boriack

Cale Boriack ’03 has excelled in his field since graduating from Texas A&M University. He recently received the ASABE AE50 Award and currently serves over 10 ASABE committees. Through hard work and perseverance, Cale became a licensed engineer for the state of Texas and worked for McCormick. When he isn’t working, Cale loves to go camping with his family. 

What degrees have you obtained from Texas A&M University?

Cale: Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering with emphasis in power and machinery
Master of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Cale on a Case IH tractor

What drew you to Texas A&M University?

Cale: Texas A&M was 70 miles from where I grew up. I wanted to be an engineer when I grew up and agriculture was dear to my heart. I found the combination to be particularly interesting when I visited Texas A&M in high school.

What was your time like at Texas A&M University and the department?

Cale: Whether it was designing and building the AggiePuller tractor, studying for a Parnell exam, or going to the Texas Hall of Fame on a Thursday night, we worked hard and played hard. So much of campus has changed since I was there. While I was at Texas A&M, I worked in the air quality laboratory developing methods to measure ammonia and hydrogen sulfide emissions from cattle feedlots and dairies.

What are you doing now?

Cale: I work as a project engineer for CNH Industrial on combine harvesters. I work primarily on the Case IH Combine feeders in New Holland, Pennsylvania. I have been involved with improving the grain handling capacity of the Case IH combine, improving yield monitor performance on the Case IH combine, and developing planter toolbars for Case IH planters.

Cale accepting the ASABE AE50 Award for Case IH’s Axial-Flow 250 Series Combine

Boriack family selfie

What are somee of your hobbies or activities?

Cale: I am involved in ASABE currently serving on over 10 committees. I have been involved in ASABE starting with my time at Texas A&M. I am involved in my church helping out with facilities maintenance and the church website. I love to go camping and enjoy hiking with my wife and son.

Is there anything else that is unique about you that you want to share?

Cale: I am a licensed engineer in the state of Texas. My experience at the time of getting my PE was in the food processing industry as I worked for McCormick (the spice company). Although it was a bit more complex to get the necessary references, I would encourage engineering graduates to become licensed.

My brother also received his BS in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M in 2008.



Article by Jessica Schaeffer

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