Dr. Zong Liu Joins the BAEN Family

Dr. Zong Liu recently joined the Biological and Agricultural Department after completing his PhD in biological systems engineering and postdoctoral research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Previously, he received his bachelor’s degree in material science and engineering in Beijing, China and his master’s degree in agricultural sciences at Tennessee State University. His passion for physics and mathematics, coupled with the desire to combine engineering, crop and soil science, and agricultural economics, inspired him to pursue degrees and research experience with real-world application.

Dr. Liu’s research interests stem from his encounters living next to a dairy operation in China where he recognized the need for change in the management of animal waste. His prior research focuses on large-scale manure treatment and handling, nutrient management, and utilization of animal waste while investigating the fate of pathogen indicators of manure. His experience includes the utilization of manure pellets as a growth medium, using polymers for wastewater treatment and animal waste management to reduce pathogens, and new nutrient analytical methods of environmental samples. Currently, he continues his research in waste management technologies, water and air quantity assessment, organic farming systems development, and value added material production from wastewater. Areas of high importance are concentrated animal feeding operations and centralized wastewater treatment facilities.

In his search for a faculty position, Dr. Liu says he was undoubtedly drawn to Texas A&M and the BAEN department. The friendliness on campus, as well as the welcoming, family-like atmosphere of the department left quite an impression. In addition to considering the department as having the best agricultural engineering program in the country, he believes that the copious amount of resources, the high interdepartmental collaboration, and the use of AgriLife Extension, set the department apart. Dr. Liu is enthusiastic to be working with such diverse and highly skilled faculty members. He hopes to have the opportunity to interact and engage with students within the department, as well as the department’s student organizations.

Article by Whitney Steinmann

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