Department Celebrates Annual Awards Banquet

On April 9th, 2016 the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering celebrated the department’s annual awards banquet at the Hilton College Station and Conference Center Hotel in College Station, Texas. The night began with a welcome by Mr. Cody Nedbalek, Class of 2016 and current President of the ASABE Student Branch. The invocation was led by Ms. Sarah Green, Class of 2016 and current Events Coordinator of the ASABE Student Branch.

Dr. Bill Norman, Class of 1977, was the guest speaker who reflected on his time with the department and commented on the family like nature of the department. The night also included Dr. Norman’s induction in to the BAEN Academy of Distinguished Graduates. The banquet closed with a special recognition to Dr. Brock Faulkner who was posthumously awarded the ASABE Departmental Professor of the Year Award.


Recognition of scholarships and awards

Peary Wilemon Award

  • Kevin Edwards, BAEN
  • Lauren Hazelrigs, AGSM
  • Victoria Garibay, BAEN
  • Walter Oosthuizen, BAEN

William H. Aldred Endowed Scholarship

  • Shannon Strong, BAEN
  • Rebekah Miller, AGSM

Sharon and Bob Avant, Jr. ’75 Endowed Scholarship

  • Jeffrey Demieville, BAEN

William E. Beach Memorial Scholarship

  • Chase Cammack, AGSM

Rita and Dannie O. Burke ’58 Endowed Scholarship

  • Bailey Thomas, BAEN

Cotton Chair Scholarship

  • Nathan Hlavinka, BAEN
  • Cody Garrett, AGSM

Dow Aggies Endowed Scholarship Fund in Agriculture

  • Nathan King, AGSM
  • Brianna Rose, BAEN
  • Cecily Molina, BAEN

George H. Follet Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship

  • Travis Rooney, BAEN

Plains Ginners Association Scholarship

  • Jon Wellmann, AGSM
  • Brad Borges, AGSM
  • Austin Cook, AGSM

Patricia and Edward Hiler Endowed Scholarship in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Kaci Lysford, AGSM
  • Joseph Pak, BAEN

Edward A. Hiler Endowed Scholarship

  • Andrew Volleman, AGSM
  • Luke Jimerson, AGSM
  • Peyton Schaefer, AGSM

Price and Merle Hobgood Endowed Scholarship

  • Jeremy Supak, BAEN
  • Alicia Carmona, BAEN

Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Jones Scholarship in Agricultural Engineering

  • Zeke McReynolds, BAEN
  • Alfredo Cabrera, AGSM

Verlin and Howard Kruse ’52 Endowed Scholarship in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Ashley Hairston, BAEN

Earl M. Ladd III Memorial Scholarship

  • Olivia Koerber, BAEN

The P.T. Montfort Fellowship

  • Hilda Villarreal, BAEN

Calvin and Peggy Parnell Endowed Scholarship in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Paige Smith, BAEN

James R. “Cobby” Reed ’50 Scholarship

  • Caleb Groves, BAEN
  • Ian Byorth, BAEN

Hubert O. Roberts, Jr. Agricultural Engineering Scholarship

  • Emma White, BAEN
  • Sarah Davis, BAEN
  • Jacob Supak, incoming BAEN freshman
  • Parker Goebel, incoming AGSM freshman
  • Claire Mai, incoming BAEN freshman

Hank Wiederhold Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’76 Memorial Scholarship

  • Ryan Dooley, BAEN

Lambert H. Wilkes Scholarship

  • Abigail Hoelscher, AGSM
  • Chet Coleman, BAEN

BAEN Departmental Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Mason Allen, AGSM
  • Alicia Carmona, BAEN
  • Omar Chavez, BAEN
  • Ashley Hairston, BAEN
  • Kurt Kremitzki, BAEN
  • Ferne Maulsby, BAEN
  • Zeke McReynolds, BAEN
  • Cullen Reeves, AGSM
  • Jarred Rivera, BAEN
  • Nicole Spletter, BAEN
  • Allison Thomason, AGSM

Price Hobgood Scholarship Award

  • Cody Nedbalek, BAEN
  • Katlin Fox, BAEN

W.E. McCune Student Award

  • Brad Borges, AGSM

J.W. Sorenson Student Award

  • Allison Thomason, AGSM
  • Zeke McReynolds, BAEN

Robert E. Stewart Graduate Excellence Award

  • Nalin Samarasinghe, BAEN

Bill A and Rita L. Stout International Graduate Student Achievement Award

  • Jonggun Kim, BAEN

Departmental Excellence Award in Teaching

  • Dr. Douglas M. Kingman
  • Mr. Gregory L. Stark

Departmental Excellence Award in Research

  • Dr. Zhuping Sheng
  • Dr. Carmen L. Gomes

Departmental Excellence Award for Extension Education

  • Dr. Guy Fipps

Departmental Excellence Award in Service

  • Mr. Russell O. McGee

Departmental Staff Excellence Award

  • Mr. Richard Epting

Inductees to the Academy of Distinguished Graduates

  • Dr. Bill M. Norman

ASABE Departmental Professor of the Year

  • Dr. William Brock Faulkner

ASABE Honorary Departmental Professor of the Year

  • Dr. Ronald Lacey
  • Mr. Gregory L. Stark
  • Mr. Russell O. McGee
  • Dr. Douglas M. Kingman

Recognition of Student Achievements

2016 COALS Senior Merit Award Recipients

  • Jesse Anderson, BAEN
  • Sonja Loy, BAEN
  • Cody Nedbalek, BAEN

Crystal Bradley, BAEN, was this past years’ Service Coordinator for the Aggie Recruitment Committee. She will be the Chair of the Aggie Recruitment Committee for the 2016-2017 school year.

Sarah Davis, a senior in BAEN, is Treasurer of the Texas A&M Powerlifting team

Katlin Fox, a senior in BAEN, has been a member of the Student Government Association’s Traditions Council and Muster Committee.

We have a strong presence on the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers’ executive board:

  • President – Citlalli Gomez, BAEN
  • Treasurer – Susan Cabrera, BAEN
  • Director of Public Relations – Monica Zuniga, BAEN

Ashley Hairston has recently been selected as Co-Director for the Christian Engineering Leaders for 2016-2017.

Sonja Loy and Sarah Davis presented posters at the Undergraduate Research Expo in Fall 2015.  Sonja also presented her poster at the Undergraduate Research Scholars Presentation Day in Spring 2015.

Griselda Quintero, a sophomore BAEN major, traveled to the Yucatan on an intro to research study abroad program last summer with her Engineering Learning Community. She presented her research poster, along with peers, to the Engineering Deans last fall.

Brayden Sievers is currently the President of Aggie Wranglers and Kyle Chism was recently elected as the Lessons Coordinator for the Aggie Wranglers.

Jacob Supak, a senior in BAEN, is currently Treasurer of the Texas A&M Texas Trophy Hunters Association.

Emma White participates in National Novel Writing Month each year. She enjoys editing her writing and adding to her professional portfolio during her spare time. 

Dalton Woodfin, AGSM, is the special events coordinator for the Texas A&M Polo Club, as well as a member of the team. They are currently in the national finals playing against the University of Virginia.

The Texas A&M Aggie Pullers finished 7th overall, out of 28 competing teams, at the 2015 ASABE International Quarter Scale Tractor Design Competition in Peoria, IL. Entrants are judged based on design and performance as demonstrated in a written report, oral presentation, design judging, and several competitive events including maneuverability, sound, and most importantly, the tractor pull. The Aggie Pullers finished 5th on the design report, 4th in the overall pull rankings, and 2nd during their team presentation.

The students who participated on the 2015 ASABE Robotics team were:

  • Victoria Garibay, BAEN
  • Mario Mendez, BAEN
  • Walter Oosthuizen, BAEN
  • Kurt Kremitzki, BAEN
  • Varun Gejji, BAEN
  • Jose Batz, BAEN

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