Capstone Event Showcases Student Design

Every May students, staff and faculty gather for the Annual BAEN Capstone Event. This event showcases the hard work completed by graduating seniors in the department during their final senior project. The goal is to bring together the skills the students have learned during their education with Texas A&M University in to one final project. Over the last two years, this departmental capstone course has taken on a new international aspect. This year students traveled to Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua and India which afforded students the opportunity to not only engage with local project leaders but also to experience new cultures and engineering principles.

Below is a list of this year’s projects.  If you have a project that you would like considered please contact one of the faculty leaders.

Biological and Agricultural Engineering Projects:

  • Brackish water desalination and heavy metal removal – India
  • Freshwater program – World Wildlife Fund, Mexico
  • Water Distribution System – Nicaragua
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant – Ecuador
  • San Antonio River Authority – Texas
  • RFID Tag System for Cotton Gins – Cotton Gin Association – Texas
  • Aquaponics – San Diego
  • StormWater Solutions – Texas
  • Community Supported Agriculture: the Millican Reserve Project – Texas
  • High Value Cardamom Products – Guatemala

BAEN Faculty Leaders:

  • Dr. Rabi Mohtar,
  • Greg Stark,

Agricultural Systems Management Projects:

  • Systems Analysis of Queuing Systems inside and outside of Restaurant – Texas
  • Increased Value added Processing of Cardamom Opportunities – Guatemala
  • Solar/Battery Powered Pond Aeration System
  • Small Scale Produce Business
  • Improve Urban Irrigation on TAMU campus
  • AVODEC Nicaragua Water Distribution System
  • RFID Tag System for Cotton Modules
  • Small Community Wastewater Treatment Facility – Ecuador

AGSM Faculty Leaders:

  • Dr. Gary Riskowski,
  • Russell McGee,


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